Billions of Dollars for Wars but No Money for Intercultural Exchange? #savecbyx

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Today I come to you with a topic that is of a very huge importance for me personally. In my opinion traveling and actually spending time abroad is the only single way to really get to know new cultures.

Please, take 20 seconds of your precious time and sign this petition! CBYX stands short for „Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange“:

The Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange was created in 1983. CBYX enables 350 young Americans to study in Germany annually. At the same time 285 German High School students and 75 German young professionals experience their year abroad in the United States. CBYX is a joint scholarship by the US Congress and the German Bundestag that enables a total of 700 young people to study abroad. The program is under the patronage of the President of the German Parliament. (

Yeah, I Get It, But What’s…

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